Adventures in and around London

We had many more adventures before we finally left the U.K.  Andrew got to speak and Hannah got to roll a giant globe around the entire festival.  Quite symbolic, I suppose.  We were in England so long that Sam and Donald flew off to Spain, walked the ‘Camino de Santiago’ and returned.  Later, we got […]

TJs Birthday

We were so happy to make it to the Carter’s house for TJs 6th birthday.  What a great house and family for a birthday.  It is a house and family waiting for an instant party.  TJs gift was a bike.  She was pretty pleased.

Pottery Mecca!?

I was very excited to get to Stoke upon Trent, the pottery mecca of the United Kingdom.  I have heard of this place.  This is where the pottery was made by hand and then sent around the country in the canals on long skinny boats pulled by horses that trotted along the side of the […]

Beatrix Potter

While traveling down through Scotland and England there is one sign I cannot resist.  Seriously, we have her tiny little books on the shelf in our truck.  It is priority.  So, I drag the kids to ‘The World of Beatrix Potter’.  I think they may have enjoyed some of it, at least the younger kids […]