Festival over and a new member to our clan

Rock on Christmas is over and done with. The warehouse is bare and ready to get the partially restored cars back inside. We had a great time! All of us worked so hard. Havent got all the technology and adapters and readers back together to be able to post pictures.

Photos: I will give you some of my favourite in word pictures since I am technologically challenged today. Lizzy and Alana shimmying up the poles of a bilboard to put up some Rock on Christmas posters – and arrows! All the jamming together – playing instruments together and singing as easy and profound as talking together. Sam, Donald and Alana in the “mosh pit”. All my kids but one on stage with the rapper. TJ and Hannah asleep next to the food stalls with heavy metal music blaring. Dang, was it loud. Many of us without voices and exhausted but what a great honour to be part of this festival. What amazing, selfless, crazy people those musicians were. How great to meet them. To see the older “father” musicians encouraging the younger ones and it warms my mother’s heart to see the impact they had on my kids.

Tip: Not exactly a travel tip. If you ever decide to plan and help with a heavy metal festival with your family ensure you have enough good quality earplugs for your family and some friends. It prevents the need to stick rolled up serviettes (napkins) in your ears when you are overcome with the reality and internal monologue of, “Dang, this is loud. I dont remember music being this loud when I was a teenager. Am I really that old?”

Other news, no I am not pregnant!!! Alana will be joining us. Where will she sleep? We have several ideas, not sure what we will go with. We love Alana. We have known her for about 4 years and she seems just crazy enough to travel with us for a while. I was going to find one of our old pictures of her but cant even get my act together enough to that.

We are going to go to a campground now with our extended family as is our family tradition after a festival to rest and regather.

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  • Edna on December 10, 2009

    Just want to say that I LoVe YoU ALL … A LoT !!
    You did an Amazing work with the Festival and give me the Support i need to be able to do my work .. God knows why we met on the journey 🙂 Thank You each all of you,.. Andrew, Debbie, Sam, Donald, Liz, Abbi and sweet TJ .. Thank you for everything i learn and lived with you, individually and as a Family .You work together as a body with so much LoVe and JoY in every little thing ..Jesus in everything ..Passion…Jones, You are Such a Great Example of a Family !! ThanK YoU !!
    By the Way, i already miss you but Happy to know that you are Happy too 🙂