French Aires on the way south

Did we tell you we discovered “Stellplatz” in Germany. Absolutely brilliant spaces for free or minimal cost in Germany. So we bought ourselves a little book, in German, that has paid for itself over and over. Actually, I think it would be impossible to find without a GPS. So, we decided to try our luck out with the Aires in France. Now, these cheap places to stop have minimal facilities. Many are just places in a parking lot. Some have electricity. Most you have to bring your own toilet. So to get to these we had the book, a german dictionary, a french dictionary and our GPS. We were thrilled to find that at one stop that  little symbol in the corner meant A SHOWER. We have been shower challenged since realizing that most campgrounds are outside of our budget so we were thrilled.


Only to find that the showers were very cold and…. hmmmm. how do you say…. wild west…. saloon like….. semi-public. However, we all took advantage of this beautiful, minimal shower.