getting ready for Morocco

So, here we are, still in the Algarve and still loving it. In the space around getting ready for Rock on Christmas we are getting ready for Morocco. We will leave days after Rock on Christmas. So, we started thinking. It seems like it is possible that the roads could be a little worse in Africa. At least the fun roads might be not quite smooth. What if there is an opportunity to go thru a river. Are we ready? What if Andrew starts getting inspired by “Lawrence of Arabia” and starts driving Maggie over sand dunes into some far off destination over the horizon. I mean we must be prepared. SO, we have determined that these things are necessary. 1. Plug up any gaps to let less sand in. 2. stop things from flying off shelves. 3. Make sure breakdown stuff is accessible and working and, well, actually, there in the first place. 4. Make space for extra food and drinking water. 5. Figure out the water situation. I mean, can we get drinking water at all. To what extent do we need to purify the water. I mean I know we need to fear ice cubes or anything from a tap but can we purify water we get there. Also, are we going to need to soak our fruit and veg in chlorine or something. So, what is great is there are people who have been there so we are doing alot of working and listening.

I hear you, you are probably saying, ” Uh, hello, you have been on the road for quite a while now. Shouldn’t you have done this stuff already?” Well yeah, but after being on the road we need to take time out every once and a while. Also, We havent really gone to many totally new countries yet. We have been in Western and Central Europe for a while and well, we have never been to Africa yet (Andrew flew into South Africa once for a week and hung out in a conference center, not sure if that counts). We are facing the unknown here so, well, I want to try to be prepared. I am not worried, really, we are all really excited but we dont want to take unnecessary chances and all.

So, anyway, about things flying off shelves. Well, you try one thing and then another but off-roading is completely different than freeway with an occasional curb. We did some real, uhh…. how do you say… not quite off-roading but very bad roads in rural northern Portugal and …. well…. dang… there wasnt much left on the shelves. And poor Liz, anything that falls off a shelf seems to fall on her. I dont care if she is on the other side of the truck, it finds her. I was afraid she was going to start being afraid of books or something. So, we have gone to work. poralgdeepstoreAndrew went to work on gaps and insulation in the deep storage and did some painting.

poralgsamdonkitchSam and Donald went to work on the stove cabinet.

Me, Liz and Abi went to work on keeping things from flying off shelves as we are not wanting to spend alot of money, and we enjoy the challenge of using found objects, and… well… to be honest… we are a bit broke… hmmmm.

poralgnewstrimSo, we used found old wood from an outdoor screen and covered it with newspaper and branches and are actually feeling quite pleased with the result. I have to say, I Like the look. So anyways, back to work tomorrow. Maggie is sure enjoying being pampered like this. Next the guys will do some checks with the safety equipment. Abi is working on an inventory for the emergency food and water supply and Liz will head up the “orderly…??” re-entry of our treasures into our home.