Istanbul and “For Bator or For Yurts”

So, On our third attempt to go to Turkey we are finally made it. We are in Istanbul with a fridge that needs mending in East Istanbul days before Sam’s flight from Istanbul to New Zealand. After hearing Istanbul driving horror stories we parked our truck at a campground about 2 hours away to store for a few days and have gone in to Istanbul by way of taxi, crowded bus (in which you can’t imagine anyone else can fit in but they do) and metro.

Our new fridge is acting up so we called Waeco. They said they couldn’t send us a replacement because we were out of Germany where we bought it. They are sending us to a place on the east-side of Istanbul. After fitting a few straps to the fridge the guys started posing for pictures in front of famous monuments with the ominous fridge in the spirit of “Amelie”. Sam is posing here in front of the famous “Haggia Sophia” with our beloved fridge.

Backing up a bit we met a really great couple on a different kind of honeymoon at the campground outside of Istanbul where we left our truck. They have been married for about a month and are driving an ambulance to Mongolia to be used as a mobile field hospital. Seriously! They are global, functional and frugal. We really like them alot. You should read about them on their site “For Bator of For Yurts“. You could even help them if you want. They have a wishlist. You could send them money directly or let us know if you want to give them something off their wish list and we will get it for them and you could send the cash to our paypal or something to reimburse.