Coco is German.  We also found her at Ngatiawa.  She loves horses.  She travelled with us after the wedding as well.  Yes, I see you are counting.  There were 7 in the truck.  Coco was so helpful around the truck.  She was always looking for ways to help out.  We learned together how to “embrace […]


Rene is German.  He was a woofer at Ngatiawa before he joined us.  He bakes bread with flowers.  He starts mud fights.  He is great to have around because he knows how to have fun and touch hearts deeply.  He celebrates every day of his life and it is great to celebrate with him.


Cat is American.  She joined us in New Zealand for the wedding and decided to stay for a while.  She likes a bit of a challenge so she joined us just after the bottom had fallen out of her life.  We love Cat.  She was Jenna’s maid-of-honour at the wedding.


Priscilla is from Germany. She joined us in Turkey, helped out with the earthquake relief and then flew off to New Zealand with us via India and Indonesia.  She is an anarchist at the core of her being.  She holds a passionate embrace on life at a deep heart level.  She keeps coming back to […]


Natasha joined us in Turkey.  She is American and Venezuelan.  She brought quiet, introspective beauty to our family.  When it was time for her to leave Andrew, Lizzy and Abi took her to Egypt during the Arab Spring to meet up with her dad.


Karim is Moroccan.  He joined us in Morocco.  He translated for us and made us lots of Moroccan tea.  We needed to leave him next to the ferry terminal as he was not allowed to leave Morocco.  He taught us how to choose battles or how not to fight back when we are wronged.  How […]


Alana joined us in Portugal.  She is American but grew up in Italy.  We saw her on our way down to Morocco and she joined in.  As there were already 8 in the truck she brought a beach chair that she put up in the middle of the kitchen.  She added colour to our lives. […]


Donald joined us at the beginning of our travels and traveled with us for about 6 months.  He is from Scotland and left us to go to Uni in Scotland.  He added lots of craziness to our lives and made sure there was never any wasted food.