Roadschooling with Multiple Currencies

A regular part of our travels is sorting through left over coins. Try as we might to spend all the currency before we leave a country either by putting it into the tank, exchanging it at the border or (the kid’s favourite) spending it on special foods.   We always seem to find extra coins […]

Learning on the Road.

We slowly make our way out of the car to find Andrew standing on the front porch with another tall and skinny man. This one with steel gray eyes. It is as if he emerged from the black and white photo of Andrew’s grandfather. Neither man was moving. Both were just staring with a slight […]

Montgomery, Alabama

We picked dad up in Atlanta, GA and got on the road for Texas via Montgomery, Al. Check out my handsome man in front of his sweet ride. We were encouraged to come to Montgomery by our old friend, Alan Cross, to come for some “good ‘ol southern hospitality”. Of course we started out with […]

Roadschooling for TJ

Just thinking about our many faces of roadschooling. We just made a shift this week. TJ has decided that she likes schedules so we discussed what she wanted to be learning and came up with the following categories. Math, Reading, Writing, Music, Art, Portuguese, Animals, Gymnastics, New gym stuff, recess and golden time. With her […]