Roadschooling with Multiple Currencies

A regular part of our travels is sorting through left over coins. Try as we might to spend all the currency before we leave a country either by putting it into the tank, exchanging it at the border or (the kid’s favourite) spending it on special foods.   We always seem to find extra coins […]

Istanbul and “For Bator or For Yurts”

So, On our third attempt to go to Turkey we are finally made it. We are in Istanbul with a fridge that needs mending in East Istanbul days before Sam’s flight from Istanbul to New Zealand. After hearing Istanbul driving horror stories we parked our truck at a campground about 2 hours away to store […]


Had a wonderful, surprising, fast-paced, eye-opening, thought-provoking, unexpected and exciting time in Beijing. So short of time to be there. At one moment I am feeling sad to leave so quickly but at the next moment I think I need time away to process what I saw and learned so I can make the most […]

Twitter and Facebook in China

Several people have been saying the Jones family members are snubbing them on Facebook this week. I tried to Twitter that our facebook is blocked in China but Twitter is blocked too. Sorry

Taking the Train from Hong Kong to Beijing

We are here in Beijing looking down at the city from the 25th floor. We just took a 24 hour train from Hong Kong to Beijing. No worries.  Just couldn’t handle the idea of going from one large city to an even larger one without a bit of the country thrown in the gap. I […]

Durian and Jellyfish in Hong Kong

We have had a great time in Hong Kong. We are making lots of new friends and even found an old friend. In true Hong Kong fashion we being taken out to eat alot. Great big amazing meals. We have had so many new foods. We are getting all the Dim Sum we need and […]