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We found our big boy, Sam! Unfortunately we had to leave Lizzy in Houston to go to Austin to find him. We took the Sam tour of Austin which included

taking us to his work, at Cafe Medici, and preparing us drinks.

He showed us his flat, that he signed a 9 month lease on. Check out the amazing decorating. We have known his flatmate,Jenna, for a while. Never knew she was such a glutton for punishment though. She is a real wise big sister for Sam and we are grateful to her.

We also were treated to some fine dining at a trailer near his flat.

A great time with Sam.

He is with such great people that care about him.

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  • Cathryn Thomas on November 12, 2010

    we love you guys……… and Sam’s got back up!
    awwwwwwww loved the pic’s … and ps…
    YES I BLOGGED ON YOU GUYS TOO- so go peek!