New Zealand

Hairwraps and Pizza

So here we are in Christchurch and what do we end up doing?

We ended up stayed with Noah and Kate, who still have no mains water.

We have a pizza party, of course (Thanks to those who gave us money to do something special here).

We then finish off with hairwraps.

New Zealand

Christchurch and back again

We have been in Christchurch 3 times now. The first 2 times were about a week ago. Trying to find ways to help.

New Zealand

Around the edges of Christchurch Earthquake

We are now in the South Island of New Zealand.

A man asked me and the kids if we are “refugees from Christchurch”.

We said, “no”.

“You look like you could be”.

Makes you think, doesn’t it. Normal everyday people. People like us. People that look like us. Running away from homes that aren’t safe anymore.

Andrew is supposed to speak in Christchurch. “We are fine,” says Noah down in Christchurch, “We have lots of floorspace. Just no electricity, no water and no sewer. We have no phone til the electricity goes back on.” Now think about this for a moment.

Part of me thinks. Lets go in and do something. Anything. I tell you we have been so close to so many “natural disasters” the last couple of years. We ask, we offer and nothing. Should we just be jumping in. Should we have jumped in during the floods in Portugal or the floods in Iran and Pakistan or now in Christchurch. Throwing all caution to the wind and say, “here we are!”

So here we are on the edges of another natural disaster. We are strangely safe. I thought that traveling full time would make us feel more at risk but it has had just the opposite effect. We feel less at risk. Maybe partly because we have less stuff to be at risk. We have a small shovel instead of a sewer. We have an 8 litre water bag instead of water pipes. We have unbreakable dishes. We don’t have a mortgage. But being safe doesn’t change the fact that others are at risk.

New Zealand

Earthquake in Christchurch

We are not in Christchurch and are OK. We won’t be going to the South Island for a long time…. um….. tomorrow.

Lots of people around here have been calling friends and families. Some rushed home taking the ferry and rental cars because planes are not going. Local stories of little old ladies crawling out of their windows to get out of the house, broken glass, close calls. At times like these it is good to remember the people more than worry about the stuff although many have lost almost all that is breakable in their home. At present 60+ reported dead.

Will pray for families of the dead and wisdom for those going through rubble.