Hairwraps and Pizza

So here we are in Christchurch and what do we end up doing? We ended up stayed with Noah and Kate, who still have no mains water. We have a pizza party, of course (Thanks to those who gave us money to do something special here). We then finish off with hairwraps.

Around the edges of Christchurch Earthquake

We are now in the South Island of New Zealand. A man asked me and the kids if we are “refugees from Christchurch”. We said, “no”. “You look like you could be”. Makes you think, doesn’t it. Normal everyday people. People like us. People that look like us. Running away from homes that aren’t safe […]

Earthquake in Christchurch

We are not in Christchurch and are OK. We won’t be going to the South Island for a long time…. um….. tomorrow. Lots of people around here have been calling friends and families. Some rushed home taking the ferry and rental cars because planes are not going. Local stories of little old ladies crawling out […]