Party at the Truck in Ohrid

After 3 days of being away Andrew came back to the truck this morning with 3 dozen eggs, milk and 25 of his closest friends from the conference. It was a great day of eating crepes, hanging about chatting and boating. Hannah had the great idea of renting one of the slide boats for an […]

Spring Cleaning and Conference

Normal day today. Andrew in town for a 3 day conference. Kids working in their schoolbooks. Followed by extensive time in the lake with their tyre tubes. Just like what I used to spend days doing when I was a kid, so long ago. Amazing how a bit of old black rubber can make water […]

Macedonia – take 2

We ended up behind a bus at the Macedonian border. The bus was having problems getting through and angry bus passengers were everywhere. We showed our updated car documents in a fancy plastic folder. Andrew noted before that the truckers show a plastic sleeve with insurance documents, listing the names of the countries, showing on […]