Spring Cleaning and Conference

Normal day today. Andrew in town for a 3 day conference. Kids working in their schoolbooks. Followed by extensive time in the lake with their tyre tubes. Just like what I used to spend days doing when I was a kid, so long ago. Amazing how a bit of old black rubber can make water so much more fun.

Andrew is in town having a great time, seeing old friends, making new ones, hearing stories and telling some.

Abi is customizing a t-shirt – again.

Hannah is reading – again.

TJ is orgainizing her locker – again. You can tell organization is not as big of a priority with Abi, who has the neighbouring locker.

Me, I foolishly woke up in a spring cleaning mood. I decided to do all the sheets and rugs today. WITHOUT A MACHINE! Oh yeah! Woke up feeling a bit like superwoman. Armed with running water into a trough, a bar of soap, a scrubbing brush, a board, a wringer (mangle) and buckets of dirty sheets, rugs and clothes. Unfortunately, we do not have spare sheets, so when I dumped the sheets in the buckets of water there was no turning back. Dang! Unknown to me, Our rug seemed to have been held together by the flood of dirt that emerged and has now sprouted many holes in one side. So, something will need to happen. One end will become a dog rug. What about the other end? A small rug in front of the sink? A decorative piece for the front dash? Perhaps a carpet bag? Just like Mary Poppins. I have always wanted a carpet back – but, honestly, don’t need one.

I now feel a bit less like superwoman and a bit more like Old Mother Hubbard. I am scruffy and sweaty but my sheets are clean and my rug has new possibilities.

Got the kids some inner tubes at a car shop. Just like I used to have when I was a kid. When it got just too hot for old mother hubbard I went in the water with my girls and the inner tubes of my youth and I am a kid again.