Washington D.C.

Got hosted by another amazing family in the D.C. area. The Shengs. They have a house in the vast suburbs of Washington D.C. A house abundant in hospitality and generosity. We had a great time meeting their friends and hearing their stories. We went to lots of the famous Washington D.C. museums. We saw the original american flag, Julia Child’s kitchen, Carol Burnett’s curtain dress, stuffed bats, a giant eraser .

We saw THE MAN HIMSELF! Abe Lincoln. Abi got to see what it felt like behind the famous podium for the president. Our girls got a chance to try to hold up the Washington Memorial. We got to see who was protesting in front of the White House. We saw Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’s collection of Original Norman Rockwell’s at the American Art Museum. We finished off day 2 with “Ollie’s Trolly”. A great find by Abi with great, inexpensive, american diner food. We only got one meal for two people. I shared the cheese steak with everything on it. Yummmm!