Working at a vineyard

Started working at the Waipara Hills Vineyard yesterday as a ‘seasonal worker’. We are trying something new. Me and Andrew are working at the vineyard while TJ ( who now wants to be called Tim Tam now) and Hannah ( who now wants to be called Gwennie) are across the street at the camp in our truck studying and playing and looking after each other. All quite fun right now. If it continues it will be nice as we can get some money put away. It is quite fun working side by side with Andrew in the field with Czechs and Malaysians and Germans and a nice Samoan man. I expect we will be thinking many profound thoughts, that We will be sure to blog. as We learn our job better and stop concentrating so much on pruning the grape vines. It is less physically demanding than apple picking but requires more thought at this stage. It is quite embarrassing that several times I have caught myself talking to the grape vines. Right now, my ankles are a bit sore from squatting down all day and I am busting with pride that my 2 youngest girls did so well. We wouldn’t be able to both be at the vineyard if Hannah and TJ, oops Tim Tam and Gwennie weren’t such awesome young ladies who look at difficulties and challenges as adventures with excitement and joy. So if you see some nice ‘Waipara Hills‘ or ‘Mud House‘ wine think of us when you drink it.


  • Wendy on October 27, 2013

    As a Roadschooler, I think this is such a Great post! Many wannabe traveler’s, do not think that you can find work, while on the road. Thank you for sharing 😉

    • admin on October 31, 2013

      I think part of the joy of travelling is that we have the freedom to find work as we go combined with a lifestyle that is simple enough that we don’t spend it all right away. We are continually remixing how we get money to live. Instead of passively waiting around for a perfect job we go out and get work. Even the kids get into the act sometimes. Last place TJ would take out trash and wash cars with one of the boys her age. Of course, all that money seemed to go for lollies but that is another lesson. At the apple orchard TJ put labels on bags for an hour a day after asking the supervisor if she could work too. Hannah worked in the packing house for a week of the time when she said she needed some money for a festival. The other adults travelling with us at the time worked in the orchard as well. I love that as we do this our kids know the value of money and the value of a good, honest day’s work. They never need to be passive when it comes to work. Just like the rest of their education. We hope that we are empowering our kids. Helping them to be resilient.

      RIght now, they know that it is because of them, the fact that we can trust them and that they are responsible that makes working at the vineyard possible.

  • Rachel on October 25, 2013

    Vineyard work was one of my favorite jobs. Enjoy the vines, it is a special place!

    • admin on October 27, 2013

      Loving it. Love the work. I am doing shoot thinning. Andrew does some shoot thinning but mostly wire lifting. The supervisors are great and flexible. View is amazing.