So here we are, still, hanging out with patient Al and Anita.  They keep assuring us we are not wearing out our welcome but we are not sure if they are just being nice.  We are working on our truck through the New Zealand winter.  Maybe not the smartest.  Right now as the wind is […]

Keeping food cold – off grid

We have been Finally getting some work done on the truck.  You know, trying again to take care of the essentials. We figure why not giving keeping food cool or cold another shot.  I am happy to say that we have made strides in this area.  As you know, we have chosen to live off […]

New Zealand welcomes Maggie

We have had a stream of people come and visit us and our truck. Some of them have supported Maggie’s efforts in international development in over 30 countries. Some have read the stories and followed the blog. And now they get to actually see it. Very exciting. This morning we received this instagram from someone who […]

A Family Friendly Motorhome

This post was highlighted on Families on the Road. We are reposting it here. ———— Most RV’s cater for a retired couple and their dog. We, on the other hand, are a family of 7 including Mum, her 6 foot 6 inch husband who needs a custom bed (that’s me) and five kids who all […]

Our Beautiful, New Bookshelf is complete

When you are traveling renovations are a celebration of a beautiful symphony of time, money and resources playing together.. You can’t say, ” Hey, I think I will make a bookshelf today so I will go to my neighbourhood builders supply, hang out with some fellow builder amateurs and make my beautiful shelf.” No, it […]

New Tank and happenings in Aourir

Projected Lawrence of Arabia on the cement wall next to the truck on Friday night. Karim made a fire for us to cook our pizzas on a stick. Most of the people here at the garage came over to enjoy the movie with us. We all watched the movie until the power cut almost at […]

Truck parts at Ait Melloul

Andrew here. I spent yesterday scouring the truck yards at Ait Melloul, not far from the Agadir airport in Morocco. Its an amazing place. I didn’t buy anything but I might return for a bigger diesel tank. Its really worth a visit, even if you dont need any parts for your car or truck.

Problems with solar panels

Solar problem in the Sahara?. Our brand new Tenesol TE2000 solar panels were underperforming, giving only 27.4 open circuit volts instead of 33, which wasn’t enough to charge up our system. Even in the Sahara where sun is never a scarce commodity. And solar is important to us because we keep Abigail’s insulin in our […]

Solar and Angel Wings

So, here we are. Still in Morocco, actually still at Hassan’s. Not the Aourir Hassan but the south of Gouilmim Hassan (sorry the spelling keeps changing but this is a multi-spelling town that I cant be bothered to have a consistency of influences for my spelling – by the way thank you for reading my […]

Installing a pop-up roof on Maggie

We have been waiting until we got to Africa to open up our roof so that we can sleep on top. Its been a little cramped with 9 people living in this truck and the roof top area will greatly increase the square footage by about two thirds. And not having air conditioning means that […]