Dream Sax

Through the long journey and all the struggles I finally got myself my dream instrument…THE SAXOPHONE!!! As soon as I got it I started practicing. I went to a creek and sat down on the steps next to it. The small tunnel which was next to me caused the sound I was making on my saxophone to echo. Above me people would walk on the bridge, their footsteps (even if they were louder then my saxophone) I would never hear as all I cared about for the time being was my sax. Some people would lean over railing and look down on me. An old couple that did that also said something to me in German (which I could not understand). I did get one word which was “Wonderful”.

Now I look back on the time when I never would have dreamed I would get my amazing instrument. I try to think about all I went through, all the people who put in money and of course my love for it every time I pick it up to practice on it.