Berlin – catching up

In Berlin we saw Kerstin. Check out her great bike. It may not look like it at present but this is a game of Uno. Still the game of Uno. Hmmmm. We always love a trip to the Berlin Zoo. Andrew, always taking photos. Hannah feeding the animals. Well, the last photo. Could you resist […]

Dream Sax

Through the long journey and all the struggles I finally got myself my dream instrument…THE SAXOPHONE!!! As soon as I got it I started practicing. I went to a creek and sat down on the steps next to it. The small tunnel which was next to me caused the sound I was making on my […]

The pigtastic village

While we were in the Berlin Zoo I saw a small village in the corner of the petting zoo. This village was piggy central. It even had a piggy church. It had little houses that lined up one by one. With little, little piggies walking around everywhere being cute. One decided to kneel down for […]

Panda love

I saw a panda in the zoo and was suddenly overwhelmed by an urge to hug him. He was so cute!!!! images started to pop up in my head of me living with my panda buddy in a bamboo house and eat bamboo all day. then we’ll wake up the next day, pick more bamboo, […]