More on Earthquake

Andrew and Priscilla went into Antalya today to get blankets and warm clothes. He went into the slums of Antalya to get the supplies he would take to the earthquake victims. These people have nothing and yet they bought brand new blankets for the victims. They stuffed every nook and cranny of the truck and […]

Earthquake in Turkey

Turkey has just experience a huge earthquake. 7.2. A thousand people feared dead. Maybe more. (Photo: Reuters/Abdurrahman Antakyali/Anadolu Agency) We are 1000kms from the earthquake and did not feel anything. Far enough from the earthquake to be unaffected but close enough to drive there and assist the rescue efforts. I have a friend named Ismael […]

Around the edges of Christchurch Earthquake

We are now in the South Island of New Zealand. A man asked me and the kids if we are “refugees from Christchurch”. We said, “no”. “You look like you could be”. Makes you think, doesn’t it. Normal everyday people. People like us. People that look like us. Running away from homes that aren’t safe […]

Earthquake in Christchurch

We are not in Christchurch and are OK. We won’t be going to the South Island for a long time…. um….. tomorrow. Lots of people around here have been calling friends and families. Some rushed home taking the ferry and rental cars because planes are not going. Local stories of little old ladies crawling out […]