Going on the Slides

Hello, I’m the youngest Jonesberries. I’m TJ. Do you see the 3 girls up there on the yellow, blue and green slide? That’s me, Hannah and Abi.   Oh, do you see that yellow and green stripy slide. That’s the best slide. We call it the toilet bowl . That is Alana on it. She has […]

Dressing like a Woman in Morocco

Andrew was reading a book online that included bits about the changing role of women in the western world. I woke up this morning with my mind spinning with observations and questions from my time in Morocco so far. Unfortunately, not many answers but hey if we spend our lives rushing to answers we shortchange […]

New? toy on my camera

Just found this stop action setting on my camera. Sounds like the cameras that are on the movies when someone is snapping fast photos of a flashy model in a model shoot. Thought I would try it out on Abi. I would be feeling quite clever if it just wasn’t for the fact that I […]

Back in Aourir

After a sleepless night with Andrew moaning, “i HATE wasting money” after he figured out, with lots of help, that he got solar panels which are for an 18 volt grid system after we asked for 12 volt panels, we are back in Aourir. These panels were never intended to be on the roof of […]

Time in Tagazout

So we are now hanging out in Tagazout. It used to be hippie heaven and has turned into a bit of a surfer paradise. The official campsite in town is quite far out and looks quite institutional with its perfectly lined up miniscule trees so we opted for the free place, with no showers, closer […]

Truck parts at Ait Melloul

Andrew here. I spent yesterday scouring the truck yards at Ait Melloul, not far from the Agadir airport in Morocco. Its an amazing place. I didn’t buy anything but I might return for a bigger diesel tank. Its really worth a visit, even if you dont need any parts for your car or truck.

Easter in Morocco

Morocco is a Muslim country so, obviously, Easter does not register as a holiday or holy-day. Although I did see easter eggs for sale at the local Marjane supermarket. Our kids wanted an easter egg hunt like some church did a few years back but I think this is more of a pagan fertility practise […]

Problems with solar panels

Solar problem in the Sahara?. Our brand new Tenesol TE2000 solar panels were underperforming, giving only 27.4 open circuit volts instead of 33, which wasn’t enough to charge up our system. Even in the Sahara where sun is never a scarce commodity. And solar is important to us because we keep Abigail’s insulin in our […]

Sidi Ifni, the bluest town in Morocco

Sidi Infi a quiet and peaceful break from the hectic cities and we found ourselves coming back to it again, on the way north from Guilmim. Love this place. If your favourite colour is blue, then Sidi Ifni is your town. Limited wild camping here, which involves parking on the large market green in the […]

TJs Birthday

TJ has been having a great birthday. We had to do alot of driving on the actual day so we did as we do so many times when we cant fit everything in and have made TJs birthday 3 days long. So, on the day we drove alot while the girls watched a movie on the […]