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The Best Writer Ever!!!


I’ve never really enjoyed reading much in the past. I never understood why Hannah liked it so much. Now I’m starting to understand. The past year or so Hannah has been trying to get me in to reading. When she finally managed to convince me to read the first Harry Potter book (a few months before my 11th birthday) I made an important decision. I chose to read the next one (which wasn’t until my birthday when Rene gave it to me.) Then the next one, and the next one until i finished the series. After that i thought that Harry Potter was the best book series I have ever read in my life(and probably the only whole series I had ever read at that time) and I thought that J.K Rolling was the best writer ever. Since then I have read another series called Percy Jackson which is, sorry to say, Even better then Harry Potter. Now I’m on the spinoff series of Percy Jackson, The Heroes of Olympus (I’m reading it on the kindle). I’m on the third book (the Mark of Athena) and enjoying it. Now I also think that Rick Riordan ( the writer of Percy Jackson) is the best writer EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indonesia TJs Writing


I woke early in the day we were going to Indonesia. I made sure my backpack was packed and waited for the others to wake up as well.  It was hot in India. It was only me and Mum, Gwennie and Priscilla. My dad and other 2 sisters were in Egypt. We were going to see them again in Indonesia. I was looking forward to the flight, planes are my favourite way of transport.  You get to look out the window and see everything from a birds eye view and go through clouds, not just look up at them.  Finally everyone was awake and ready to go.

kids in water

When we arrived at our destination there where lots of people waiting outside to greet us.  They told us there names but don’t remember most of them because there were so many.  Inside the house was bigger than I expected probably because there were not many doors.  In the middle and a bit to the right was a courtyard without a roof it was hard to tell if you were inside or outside.  Then they took us in our rooms.  One of them was white and blue with a Queen size mattress on the ground and at the end of the room was a little hallway that went of to the left witch i guessed led to a toilet.  The next room had two doors one from the main hall and one from in the other room it had pink walls with butterflies on it and had mattresses all over the ground.  I made friends on the first day all of the kids were younger than me but it didn’t matter.  One day it rained a lot and me and two of the younger kids ran around in the courtyard and got soaked.

lizzy hanging from rock

Lizzy was tired of people talking about her long blond flowing hair like it was made of spun gold. They always said, never cut your hair, you would not be you without your hair, you are beautiful because your hair is beautiful  and on and on and on. One day she said she had enough of it. She said we will be going to New Zealand soon and start a new season so she went up to Priscilla and asked her to do the honer.  Priscilla was delighted. She wanted to get started straight away.

lizzie haircut priscilla and abi

The next hour was spent with everyone outside watching Priscilla  and Abi make bizarre hair styles.  All of us watched as pieces of golden hair fell to the ground.  The next step was to shave the last bitts of hair off.  When that was done Lizzy looked like a completely different person.  Her head was shining and her face was glowing.  She looked happy with her new self and looked ready for a new season. 

lizzy henna tattoo

Later on that day when everyone was talking about the new hair style and cleaning up the hair Mum and Lizzy disappeared and when they reappeared Lizzy had a delicate henna tattoo across her shinny  head where her blond locks once were. 



The next morning everybody was up early and looking excited.  I didn’t know what was going on but when I went outside all I could see was scooters.  They were down the street outside the house and more were still driving in. Most of them were black but some were grey, green, blue, brown and lots of other colours.  Soon everyone was outside getting on scooters.  Before I knew what was going on I was on a scooter waving goodbye to my family.  In my group there were three or four scooters with about three or four people on each one.  Luckily two of my sisters were with me but were on two of the other scooters.  We stopped at the beach and started grabbing apples from the scooters and walking down the beach. We gave them out to random people along with red ribbons.  Some of them did not want them but others were delighted to get them. I still didn’t know what was going on but I gave out apples to everyone I saw.  After all of our apples and ribbons were gone we got back on the scooters and went to a park.  A few people that I recognised were already there when I arrived and after a while almost everybody was there except my dad’s group.  After they got back they all brought out food from were they are from and started giving it to each other.

aids awareness day

TJs Writing

Care of wild animals

I like finding animals that need help and taking care of them until they are better. Some of the many animals that I have looked after are: Gary Bob, the lizard (USA), Inigo Montoya, the dog (Spain), Captain Jack, the Sparrow (New Zealand), Mr Toad, the toad (England) and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the tortoise (Turkey.) I have got a large page in my writing book that has all my favourite names. This comes in handy when I need to name a exciting new animal. I would like to tell you about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk named after a man who was commonly known as the father of modern Turkey.

We found this tortoise on the road in Gallipoli right after we saw the hill that the kiwis took over in the battle about a hundred years ago. They said a kiwi shot Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in the chest. But Mustafa’s life was saved by his pocket watch.

As we were leaving in our truck suddenly Dad braked and Hannah jumped out of the truck and brought safely in the tortoise. we gave it some lettuce and named it Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. A few minutes later we arrived at our destination (the beach) and put Mustafa outside. The next day we put him outside again and when no one was looking he must have gone on his own adventure because when I looked over at were he was and he was gone. I tried to follow the tracks but the wind blew most of it away.

When I see an animal that needs help I take him/her in and I give them a warm and dry place to sit and give them food and water. Then, I look at them long and hard and give them the right name. When they seem well enough I give them there freedom. One thing that I have learned while travelling is that I don’t need to own something to get joy from it.

Looking after animals that need my care is a important part of my travelling life. In the future I hope I will find animals such as a tameable lion cub in Kenya, a cheeky tamarin in Colombia, a friendly panda in China, a scary tarantula in Mexico, a jumpy kangaroo in Australia and an elusive taradactyloid in the deep, dark Amazon.

TJs Writing


This is a report I just wrote and wanted to put it up here.


by Tamara Jones (11 years old)

Wolves are a mysterious, gentle and deeply misunderstood kind of mammal.

When you hear about wolves you might think that they are mean and scary, but actually they are friendly and kind. But many people don’t know that yet. That’s why they are deeply misunderstood. When you read a kids book and there’s a bad guy, it is almost always a big bad wolf like from Little Red Ridding Hood, the Three Little Pigs, or Beauty and the Beast. I could go on naming books with a bad wolf for a long time but you probably don’t want to hear them all.

Wolves(canisplus) travel in a group called a pack. When you hear about a pack, you probably think about a gang. Well, that’s not true; a pack is a family that only ever attacks if the young pups are in danger.

Many people are afraid of wolves. This might be because people fear what is unknown, mysterious, wild and whatever they can’t control.

Should people be afraid of wolves?

No, people have no good reason to fear wolves. Even though people have died from wolf attacks, it is very rare. If you see a wolf in the woods, it is more likely for it to run away than you. In fact, it is more probable to be struck by lightning multiple times than be attacked by a wolves.

Should wolves be afraid of people?

Yes. The number of wolves in the world has decreased dramatically in the past few hundred years because of humans and their guns. From numbering in the millions, there are now only 150,000 wolves world-wide. Not to my surprise, they make very bad guard dogs because when they see people they are so gentle that they run away and hide.

Respect wolves and be nice to them. They won’t hurt you and if you ever hear a wolf howl, don’t be scared. Just howl back and say hello.

New Zealand TJs Writing

Wild Winds

It all started when we were watching Doctor Who series 1 disc 3 and episode 3 and 4 (a double episode) the empty child and the doctor dances. We first noticed the storm when the truck started to rock and mum looked outside and the tent was slowly going down. She called dad to come and they went out side to try and fix it. When they came back we played the show again a few minutes later dad looked outside and said we should take down the tent. So after about a minute or so hannah mum and dad were all outside taking it down ( i convinced hannah to let me stay in for i might blow away) then i was left alone in the wobbling truck after a while when the tent was almost down dad came in and told me to come outside in the end i went outside. At first it wasn’t so strong but then a gust of wind came and ill admit i didn’t leave the ladder and quickly i scrambled inside and sat in the back of the truck. When i looked outside i saw both of them mum and dad laughing ant talking as the wind lifted the tent and back down again. When the tent was nice and safe in the van mum and dad decided that they would go around and see if anybody els needed help with there stuff when me and Hannah had made the bed, got in to our pj’s and brushed our teeth mum came back and said that tents had been ripped, a metal shed came down (just a small one) and everybody’s power went out except our’s so when dad came back we enjoyed our doctor who even more. and when it ended we all enjoyed turning off and on the lights. This morning mum found out that not just everybody’s power went out in this camping ground, actually 28,000 people lost electricity ( not us) and the wind speed went up to about 140 kph. So school’s of for the day (not for me) and its still thunder and lightning storms yay.


Morocco TJs Writing

Going on the Slides

Hello, I’m the youngest Jonesberries. I’m TJ. Do you see the 3 girls up there on the yellow, blue and green slide? That’s me, Hannah and Abi.


Oh, do you see that yellow and green stripy slide. That’s the best slide. We call it the toilet bowl . That is Alana on it. She has the family record for going around the toilet bowl the most times. She went around 5 times. Dad tried all day to beat Alana’s record but he could only do 4. The big orange slide is really cool too. Well, I think so.

At the beginning of the day, I was too scared to go on any of the slides ,except for the little blue slide at the other side of the park. At the end of the day I did all of the slides.

Oh,  did I remind you this was my 8th birthday party.


Me and My Piano


Today I got a special piano. I was playing it all the time. I tried it out in the shop before we bought it to see if I liked it. Everyone stopped to look at me. Even the man trying out a harmonica. I played “I have a dream” from “Mama Mia”. I didn’t make any mistakes. I liked my piano so much that I stopped to play on the streets as many times as my mum would let me. TJ



My Glass Friends

At camp Barcelona next door a funny campervan pulled up. It was like a real house except one side was all glass with no curtains. I made friends with all of them. My dad made friends made friends with the adults. TJ


The Scrawny Chicken

There was a funny chicken that went over the fence. There were naughty boys throwing rocks at it so me and mum and Abi and Liz went to save it. There were different ways for it to run away but finally mum caught it and put it over the fence with the other animals. TJ

Spain TJs Writing

Me and my animals

Me and my family went to a cool campground near Barcelona, Spain. It had animals and we camped right next to them. There were lots of animals. Like goats, and chickens and horses, and two donkeys, even sheep. I got to feed the animals. Goats like spaghetti. There was also a pool. There was a free bus to a big water park. Abi and Hannah got stung by a wasp at the pool in the campground. Abi said it was an evil wasp and was out to get her. This was one of my favourite campgrounds ever. TJ