At the Tapu Te Ranga Marae

We are parked up at the amazing urban Marae Tapu te Ranga, a creation of Bruce Stewart and friends who built it out of recycled materials in the 1970’s. The Marae, which can accommodate 300 people, sits on 24 hectares of land given by the Sisters of Compassion next door that is being restored to […]

Sam’s BIG News

It is official now. Sam is getting married. The date is set for February 16th. He is getting married to his best friend, Jenna. She is great. She has been popping in and out of our lives for the last 6 years. First in Orkney, Texas and then in Hungary and Romania. It is great […]

Andrew’s Big Birthday Gift

We already have 2 kids that have left home and now live in the city and we know these moments are not nearly often enough. Abi just got back from Europe a couple of weeks ago. We are so glad to have her back. Last weekend was the first time, since Christmas, we have had […]

New Zealand welcomes Maggie

We have had a stream of people come and visit us and our truck. Some of them have supported Maggie’s efforts in international development in over 30 countries. Some have read the stories and followed the blog. And now they get to actually see it. Very exciting. This morning we received this instagram from someone who […]

Hello Grandma and Nana!

Can you believe we have been in New Zealand now for over 6 months and such a pathetic representation of blog posts. I suppose now that we aren’t traveling quite so much in “dangerous countries” there isn’t as much need to put up a blog post to say, “hey grandparents! We aren’t DEAD on the […]

Maggie in New Zealand

We are thrilled to have our dear truck in New Zealand. It’s quite possibly the only Magirus Deutz truck in the country. Its been an amazing trip from North Africa, through Europe, into the Asian continent, and now here in NZ. Our next step will be to ship it to Cape Town and drive up […]

Ro-Ro and Problems with Shipping

Overcharged Has anyone else had this problem with getting your motorhome overseas? Hoegh Autoliners was the shipping company that we used to get our camper van to New Zealand through our agent, Sefco,  You might have read when I dropped off Maggie at Bremerhaven. The original quote from Sefco was US$4.798, which we paid on […]

A Yurt in a Field with a Cow?

Sounds like a kid’s bedtime story, doesn’t it? Well, that is where you can find us right now. How did we get here, you may ask. Well, here are some catch-up snippets and photos. We got to New Zealand and drove a “transfercar” from Christchurch to Wellington. You could almost hear them asking to hang […]