Wild camping in Portugal

So, it is post-RockonChristmas Festival and we are supposed to be in Morocco. We are being held up by paperwork. But, you know we have been working hard so decided to take a bit of a break. We started discussing among ourselves, “You know people come to the Algarve that dont know Edna and Paulo. […]

Photos of Alana

Here are some photos of Alana.  She wanted to travel and is now travelling with us. She is very colourful and very clever. She is American but has spent most of her life in Europe.  In addition to English she is fluent in Portuguese and Italian. She loves learning languages, cartooning and customizing her clothes. […]

Photos of Rock on Christmas

Promised some photos of Rock on Christmas and Alana and here they are. I am blogging from Cafe Chinta in Armaceo de Pera. The nice gentleman who runs this cafe says, “tell all your friends to come to my cafe and get free internet.” Anyways back to the photos.  Our truck became a billboard. We […]

Festival over and a new member to our clan

Rock on Christmas is over and done with. The warehouse is bare and ready to get the partially restored cars back inside. We had a great time! All of us worked so hard. Havent got all the technology and adapters and readers back together to be able to post pictures. Photos: I will give you […]

A new look for our blog

So our days are numbered for electricity and internet and 2 working computers. Oh yes, our mobile lifestyle may have an affect on jonesberries.com. We are trying to make this less of a problem. Among other changes we have done a restyle. We had alot of fun with our new theme. With the last theme […]

busy days

Well it is now less than a week to rock on christmas. There is so much to do! We are still very language challenged and we are not from here so we are doing what we can to help. Older members of our group went to whitewash the warehouse. Instead of paying for the warehouse […]

Thanksgiving in the Algarve

We had a great Thanksgiving. How about you? I gotta tell you there are so many American holiday traditions that we dont bring over. Choosing instead to enjoy the local customs. This is one holiday, however, that we love to observe every year, wherever we are. It is just a great holiday that I dont […]

Roadschooling for TJ

Just thinking about our many faces of roadschooling. We just made a shift this week. TJ has decided that she likes schedules so we discussed what she wanted to be learning and came up with the following categories. Math, Reading, Writing, Music, Art, Portuguese, Animals, Gymnastics, New gym stuff, recess and golden time. With her […]


The biggest Thanksgiving turkey we ever had was 33 pounds (15 kilos) which just squeezed into our double oven. We served 45 people that day, in our home in Portland, Oregon. I was the chef, of course, which means that I took all the credit for the entire meal which was, to be honest, composed […]

Stinky Potatoes

People love, love, love this meal. I have cooked this meal twice in the last month for 12+ people. Serge and Jimmie swear it is the best meal they have ever had. Donald wants to cook it with me next time, “I dont cook”, he says, “but I want to learn how to make this […]